Default Calling Plan

Most of our customers are using our default calling plan and with this plan there is no need to dial any prefix before the country code.
For an example to make a call to the United Kingdom you would simply dial country code + phone number (example: 442085823843).
We only use top quality voice carriers with our default calling plan along with low calling rates to save on your international calls.
You can click on the "Default Plan" link here below to see all calling rates for our default calling plan.

Why should you consider using other calling plans options?


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Even with top quality voice carriers there is a possibility of temporary problems calling to a certain destination.
Such problem could for example cause either bad voice quality or problems connecting to a phone number.
In such cases the customer has an option of dialling prefix of 02 or 03 and our system will then use other premium voice carriers.

It's also possible that for a customer calling to Egypt for an example it would work better to use a prefix of 02.

In majority of cases our customers will experience very good voice quality using our default calling plan,
however in some instances it may work better for customers to use other premium carriers by using different dialling prefixes before the country code.


Using our default plan no dialling prefix is needed when making calls (simply dial country code + phone number).
If for example you would use our Premium-02 calling plan, then you would need to use 02 dial prefix before the country code when placing your calls
(Example: To make calls to Germany using our Premium-02 calling plan you would dial 0249xxxxxxxxxx).

You can click on the links here below to see A-Z calling rates for all of our current calling plans.

Select a calling plan